How to prepare for AI when creating content

We are past the point of knowing you have to address AI and its impact on content creation. Now it’s time to think about how to prepare for AI. Ways AI content generation can benefit you include:  

  1. AI content generation tools make it easier to research
  2. Easily develop content briefs
  3. Generate content through AI, or rewrite content 

Since OpenAI released its GPT-3 language generator, there has been an explosion of new AI content creation tools. Open AI is an artificial intelligence research lab founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman at Y Combinator Research (YC) in 2016. Many artificial intelligence (AI) content generation companies use OpenAI’s new language processing tool called “GPT-3.” And now that there are many (at least 20) proficient AI content creation tools available, marketing and communication teams are asking themselves, “How do we prepare for AI for content creation?”

How do you use artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation?

Creating content using artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t simply a matter of typing up a title and some keywords into an AI engine and letting it write out the entire piece of content for you. There’s research and brief preparation that goes into some. We’ve used dozens of AI content creation tools, and we’ve found that some aren’t specific when it comes to doing research and preparing briefs. Research by artificial intelligence (AI) tools occurs whenever they generate anything—new content or ideas included. These tools help writers generate initial ideas for their content, so content creators don’t need to spend hours brainstorming before writing anything down. One way to be prepared when using artificial intelligence (AI) for creating content is knowing that there may already be some tools available, and it’d probably be helpful to use them. These tools typically start the AI content generation process by asking people to write their own words or phrases. Writers usually need to know their subjects well before writing about them. Furthermore, any initial seedings of topics for the document can be used by AI-generated content creation tools to help generate more research for creating an outline. Alternatively, an artificial intelligence (AI) content generator can be used as a base for developing the created content.

Think of AI content generation being a 3 step process: 

  1. Research
  2. Brief development
  3. AI content generation

And at each step in the process, a good AI content generation tool will help with that part by generating the content, whether research or at the briefing stage. Content creators use various types of software during the content creation process. Some of these include AI content tools that generate content from briefs or research; others may be used for writing, editing, proofreading, etc. Alternatively, if the writer begins writing the content from scratch based on the brief and researches, they could then use many of the editing tools to reword the content using artificial intelligence (AI) content creation. By doing so, they improve the grammar, prose, and quality of the content written. A writer may write most of the text for a piece of content, but they could be using AI tools to generate ideas for the structure of the content and its contents. Especially useful is the spinning or rewriting function provided by AI content generation tools.

How long does it take to complete the AI Content creation process?

Many AI content creation tools can generate some content reasonably quickly. However, just like any piece of content, what matters most is its structure. What should go into the brief for a piece of content? With artificial intelligence (AI) content creation software, writers don’t need to spend hours writing every post by hand anymore. The tools cut down on the time it takes to develop ideas and write the content, and many tools automatically generate unique articles for them. Some AI content generation tools can generate a basic brief from scratch in just a few minutes. You may need to change some of these sections if they don’t fit well into an article. It’s pretty easy to think through which ones would be good candidates for editing. After completing the task, it’s simple for the author to begin writing and use AI rewrites to add more depth or generate AI content from scratch and edit the results.

Identify Workflows That AI Can Augment

Use AI content creation software to optimize performance across all channels. You’ll find many AI content creation tools available today to help you create different types of content for every channel. Beyond just creating text, some of these programs can create graphics, videos, infographics, and interactive elements such as quizzes and surveys. Regardless of whether you’re trying to create something visual or want to include some interactivity into your site, AI tools might be able to help create content.  As the industry continues to mature, so too will its diversity. Make sure you’re using one set of best practices for every channel.

Content creators who understand how to create great content for each channel are best at creating engaging content. Any medium or platform does not limit them. They focus on creating good content no matter which device people use. It means providing content that’s easily readable, digestible, and shareable. This is why building workflows that artificial intelligence (AI) can add to and augment are so important.

Empower Your writing team to Use AI Effectively

With AI writing software, it’s not just giving access to the tools. It’s giving writing teams the knowledge of how to use them effectively. From research to briefing and then generating or rewriting, understanding how to use AI content generation tools is a necessary part of the process. Communication is key. Discover how your writers work today without AI content generation tools, and then model the use of AI content generation tools to support their approach to writing.

Help your writers discover what you need to know about using AI Content Generation Tools with a case study indicating how additional content can be generated for your company with the new AI content generation workflow process.

Lastly, Understand How AI Can Benefit You

AI will substantially change the process of content generation. Benefits from AI for content creation come in several main areas: 

  1. Making it easier to research what content should be in a document. 
  2. Giving ideas and inspiration for content briefs
  3. Generating the content through AI, or regenerating content writers produce with better, rewritten content. 

Want to learn more about how to prepare for AI?  Check out the AIContentGen Scorecard for AI Content Generation tools, or set up a quick meeting with AIContentGen analysts.

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