Casting A Marketing Net Into the AI Water

We at AIContentGen are shameless AI fans. We plan to cover many aspects of AI for marketing. In Forbes, Rob Toews, a partner at Radical Ventures, “A Wave Of Billion-Dollar Language AI Startups Is Coming.” explores the AI platform companies building natural language (NLG) software embedded in software applications. This article also showcases various industries that use this NLG software.

  • Horizontal Technology Providers
  • Search
  • Writing Assistants
  • Language Translation
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Chatbot Tools and Infrastructure
  • Internal Employee Engagement
  • Conversational Voice Assistants
  • Contact Centers
  • Content Moderation
  • Healthcare

Rob does a great job covering the industry with this overview article, especially the initial discussion around the language model or foundation model companies. That helps folks understand why the market has rapidly increased, as start-ups are supported by each horizontal technology company’s platform language. 

As we analyzed and researched the AI Writing Market to develop our  AIContentGen Pricing Infographic, we asked ourselves, 

“Should customers consider the NLG  models used by AI Writing software when choosing which software to use for their company? 

 “Does the underlying NLG software impact the price of the subscriptions?” 

 “If an AI content generation company offers free subscription models, x price for starting subscription and x price for the highest subscription price, is the AI company using the same model to power each subscription?” 

We will be working to understand the answers to these questions to help AI content generation consumers make informed decisions when picking an AI Writer software application. 

We were interested in the Writing Assistant section. A company mentioned, LitLingo, provides an AI review of written communications checking on bias and compliance issues. Although the tool doesn’t offer AI content generation, it’s a potentially useful application. Check out Rob’s article, and put it into your magazine article library. 

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