AI Coding Engine & Content Generators: Comparing how the two uses of AI are very similar: Humans Needed!

AI Coding Engine & Content Generators: Comparing how the two uses of AI are very similar: Humans Needed!

AI Coding Engine & Content Generators: Comparing how the two uses of AI are very similar: Humans Needed!

A recent announcement about artificial intelligence (AI) code writing software resonated deeply because it parallels questions regarding AI content writing software. DeepMind Announced AlphaCode, an AI engine for writing computer programs, achieved “an estimated rank within the top 54% of participants in programming competitions by solving new problems that require a combination of critical thinking, logic, algorithms, coding, and natural language understanding.” DeepMind created a series of tests to determine how successfully their AlphaEngine was developing code. 

 DeepMind Technologies is a UK-based subsidiary of Alphabet, purchased by Google in 2014. There are more ai coding engines; another example is Codex from OpenAI. 

 The AI content writing market is not the same as the AI coding software market. Yet, AIContentGen has researched AI content generation tools, which use NLP (Naural Language Processing) for text creation, and seen over 70 of them in the marketplace, and we’ve reviewed over 20 tools. Each of the AI tools examined required human intervention. 

 Examples where artificial intelligence (AI) generated content requires human intervention include:

  • Homonyms – Where one topic has multiple meanings, the AI content generator produces content for the two different meanings.  
  • Repetitions – Language models make “silly mistakes,” repeating the same concept multiple times. 
  • Conclusions – When the nuance of the meaning was different from what was conceived, or factual errors were generated. 

AlphaCode develops thousands of code samples then tests that code to see which code is working. For comparison, several AI content writers provide alternative results; a writer can choose the version they prefer. Other AI writers measure the results of each ranking them, a higher score indicates better results. Again, the writer chooses their desired content from the ranked choices. 

An AI coding engine may produce workable code, but the decision as to what functions the code performs requires human decision-making. A significant benefit of many AI content writers’ ability to provide research and writing tools is their ability to help speed up determining what needs to be written. However, the starting point for any content creation project is deciding on the purpose of the content and creating a piece that has the most relevant information and topics that the content needs to be most useful. Writers begin the process of writing. The same potential exists for AI coding engines for programming. Like AI writing software, AI coding engines can support programmers by making them more efficient, making it easier to develop a structure for their applications, and speed the coding process.  

Programmers are still at the helm, as writers are with AI content writers. AI coding engines speed the coding process and bring aid and support to programmers. It means even more job security for writers because they will have access to the expertise needed to use and get the most out of artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools for the next few years. To learn more about how to deploy and get the most out of AI content writers, download the AIContentGen Scorecard. And check out the free sample of the report. 

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AI Market Growth Predictions for AI Content Generation in 2022

AI Market Growth Predictions for AI Content Generation in 2022

The AI market growth for content generation is rapidly evolving. One indicator for that growth is the increase in the number of companies in the artificial intelligence industry. To prepare AIContentGen’s report AI Content Generation Scorecard over 50 AI writing software companies were reviewed, eventually choosing 20 companies to include in the scorecard.

How fast is the AI market for copywriting software

50 companies! Holy Bleep!

That was my reaction as a practicing marketer when Scott Sweeney and I discovered how many companies were in the market for AI copywriting. Every fast-growing market has an initial phase of explosive growth followed by a longer period of slower but steady expansion. In his book “Crossing the Chasm”, Geoffrey Moore describes the early stage of new technology adoption by describing an innovation curve where there were several stages for any new product or service before becoming mainstream. 

Most large organizations have customer relationship management (CRM) systems; for example, salesforce has over 150,000 customers! Multiply that by the number of companies using Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo, Piped. For CRM systems there are barriers to entry for new software companies and the use of the technology. While for the AI content generation market — where the barrier to entry is low enough so that anyone could potentially use the software — there’s the possibility of hundreds of thousands of customers using such software. 

We created the AI Content Gen­eration Market Map because we want to help you understand where content generation technology stands today. The size of the potential market was enough to give us pause, but there was another thought that came into play — one that made us realize that we needed to rethink how we approach our client’s content creation processes. If internal terms don’t take advantage of these opportunities, they would be at a competitive disadvantage.

From looking at the Google Trends volume over time for some specific AI writer-related keywords, we see that their use has gone up quite considerably in recent years. In fact, the U.S. isn’t even leading when looking up keywords such as “ai writer,” “ai copywriting,” and “ai writing.”

Google Trends on AI terms for the last five years

Google Trends Volume for the Last Five Years

AI Google Searches by region past five years

The United States isn’t even the leading country for searches on terms







AIContentGen 2021 AI Content Generation Market Map

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AI Content Gen Market Map 2021 Landscape   

AI Content Gen Market Map-2021 -Portrait

We created an AI content generation market map showing the growing number of companies entering the space. Over half of the 50+ companies started within the past 2 years were founded between 2020 and 2021.

The rise in the founding of AI content generation companies has happened because the technological barriers to starting an AI content generation company have dropped because of the introduction of GPT-3 by OpenAI in June 2020. And the pace of development in large language models has only increased. 

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See the AI Content Generation ScoreCard and Analysis

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