Cover Page AI Contnent Generation ScorecardFor Immediate Release : January 3, 2022

AIContentGen’s Scorecard Reviews 20 AI Content Generation tools: 

Marketing and communications teams gain strategy insights to select and use AI copywriting software. 

AIContentGen Inc. published its AI Content Generation Scorecard and Analysis report for marketing and communication teams, reviewing 20 different AI copywriting software. Teams can use the report to select an AI content writing application. The report details the main functions of these AI services.

  • An overview of the current state of the technology.
  • The functionality of the AI content writers in the marketplace.
  • A review of 20 AI content generation tools, along with an analysis of features.
  • When to be prudent about the capabilities of the tools. 
  • And the AIContentGen scorecard comparing the AI writer software. 

The AI Content Generation Scorecard and Analysis report is available on AIContentGen’s website

AIContentGen Senior Analyst Scott Sweeney said “AIContentGen discovered over 50 vendors in the AI content market. The biggest takeaway is that it’s time for marketing and communications teams to start planning for the use of AI for copywriting.”

In the scorecard, the vendors are reviewed for how they conduct research and how such research influences the model of AI Content Generation; including:

  • Briefing process
  • AI content generation
  • Ease of use

The scorecard and analysis report was written by marketers with decades of marketing and content generation experience. The marketers tested each software tool.

AIContentGen Senior Analyst John Cass added, “In the scorecard, we review where teams should be prudent in the use of AI Content Generation tools, and look at such issues as internal controls process, bias in AI, regulatory compliance and brand identity.” 

About AIContentGen: AIContentGen is an analyst firm started in 2021 to focus on the growing market for AI Marketing Software. The AI Content Generation Scorecard and Report is the firm’s initial report.  AIContentGen offers research, consulting services, and training to internal marketing and communication teams, writer marketplaces, and marketing and public relations agencies.