We’ve released our analysis and scoring tool for AI Content Generation Tools today! It provides insight into which products perform best across various categories like ease of use.  In addition to highlighting the conditions that led to the rise of the AI content generation market, the report examines some of the major players operating within the sector today. We believe a surge of new artificial intelligence companies will disrupt the current content marketing playbook for managing the production of text content, and that’s why we wrote the report. 

The scorecard report was written to help answer some key questions that internal marketing and communication teams are asking: 

  1. How will AI content generation tools help me to reduce time to market, increase content production, content quality, and retain writing staff? 
  2. What makes a good ai content generation tool? 
  3. What attributes should my team be looking for from an AI content generation tool? 
  4. What are some of the best ai content generation tools available in the market? 
  5. Why has the AI content market grown so rapidly?

You can purchase the report here. We intend to publish updates to the report, with more insights on the use of AI content generation in 2022. 


See the AI Content Generation ScoreCard and Analysis

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