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License AIContentGen Research

AIContentGen’s Content & Research Licensing, Quotation Rights & Reprints Policy 

Intellectual Property Rights:

AIContentGen owns all the rights, title, and interest in AIContentGen content and research. AIContentGen can license the content and research to you. Federal regulations strictly prohibit distributing, republishing, or quoting research and analysis in any form without permission. 

Licensing Content:

Contact AIContentGen to request permission to license material for use. including quotes from AIContentGen for reprints for use in print and online. Vendors, including AI content generation companies, writing marketplaces, and marketing and communication agencies must purchase these rights with a licensing contract to use AIContentGen’s content and research for any reason, including lead generation and client training. 

License Options: 

  • AI Content Generation Tool Scorecard Vendor summary. AIContentGen will produce a unique report for a vendor, featuring elements of the main report, and a summary of the vendor portion of the report. 
  • AI Content Generation Scorecard & Analysis report.
  • Agency & vendor distribution rights and translations of AIContentGen content.

Contact a representative of AIContentGen at for more information. 

When you purchase a license, there is no transfer of ownership of the content. You have contractual rights, because of receiving a license. You may purchase those rights for a certain period of time, 90 days, six months, or one year. AIContentGen reserves the right to update its contractual rights policy. 

If a customer is unclear as to what contractual rights they have, please contact a representative of AIContentGen

Online Infringement:

AIContentGen monitors the web for online infringement of its content. As we discover unauthorized use of AIContentGen’s content and research outside the scope of their license, AIContentGen will contact the customer to inform them they are infringing on AIContentGen’s copyrights and license agreement. Failure to cease and desist from using such content may result in legal remedies and may result in financial damages.

As the holder of an AIContentGen license, you will have the ability to do the following with the content and research. 


  • Open the content for personal use, within your job. 
  • You may print the content for your personal use and within your job, but not for sharing with outside parties. 
  • You may share the content within your company internally and in support of your job. If the sharing of content is limited to an internal audience of 100 people. 

You may not share quotations with third-party people, members of the press, or in groups via online means without prior permission.  

Quotations & Reprints:

If you wish to quote AIContentGen content and research you must seek permission and written approval via AIContentGen’s by email or request a reprint license. To use AIContentGen’s name, content, and research, you must seek permission to use the content, name, and research. Gaining a quotation or reprint right does not transfer ownership of the content’s copyright.  

A specific AIContentGEn analyst must approve unique analyst quotes. Any quotes must reference AIContentGen, specific reports, and the website URL with accompanying anchor text. If you wish to use a quote or reprint in presentations, podcasts, and more, contact a representative for details. You may not use AIContentGen’s content to criticize a company’s competitor. When someone orders a reprint right, such as using the report or content reprint on the web or printing a hard copy, there is no transfer of ownership of copyright. 

AIContentGen’s Customer Disclaimer:

Any quotations in this content attributable to AIContentGen represent AiContentGen’s analyst opinion on published research and content. Due to the evolving nature of AI for Content Generation and the changes in the marketplace, the opinions expressed in AIContentGen content are limited to a given time and are not representations of fact, and are subject to change without notice.